Panic Attack Effects

Panic attacks are defined as long periods of fear at high intension that suddenly turns off. They usually last around 10 minutes at their highest peak but at lower cotes can last even for hours. Each person with panic attacks will react in a different way and most of them do suffer of anxiety too, the mental disease of the century. Many people who experience panic attacks for the first time will be really scared and will call for ambulance and other emergency help.


Panic Attack Treatment GirlReviews shows that panic attacks are the highest level of fear, each one of us has fear, even animals feel fear because is one of the 6 basic emotions so you can at least imagine what feels a person with panic attacks. When the panic attacks are repeated, they are more than a simple attack, they are a disorder watching the personality. Panic attacks are being described as craziness, flash vision or like heart attacks. Some people may even feel nauseas, heavy breath and they may lose their control. The hormones are activated and this may cause even death because of stroke or heart attacks. Because sympathetic nervous system is involved in panic attacks you can experience dyspnea, palpitations, trembling, cold hands, dizziness and even parethesias. There are lots of questions why panic attacks appear and in the same time there are lots of answers. First factor important for panic attacks is heredity. Some panic attacks appear to descendents because has been inherited. Panic attacks may run in a family for many generations and the first panic attacks usually appear in late teenager hood but it may occur at any age. Another cause of panic attacks are biological cause. Many people suffer of personality disorders, the obsessive compulsive one, they may have stress disorder, low glycemia, hypo or hypertiroidism. Wilson disease can also cause panic attacks. Phobias are another cause for panic attacks and until today are known for more than 1000 fobias, starting with abltuphobia, the fear of being washed and ending up with zoophobia, the fear of animals. The lack of assertiveness is also involved in panic attacks. To be assertive you must be involved in society and anxious people are not, thus anxious people may experience panic attacks too. If one is on medication for several reasons, medicines can also cause panic attacks. There is a list of medicines that can cause panic attacks but you never know how someone can react.

Panic attacks are very dangerous and in many cases it leads to suicide, panic attacks are not a problem only for the victim, they are a problem for anyone around the victim. They should learn how to deal with panic attacks. When around someone suffering of panic attacks you should be calm, try to calm the other person too, distract the attention from the fear and the most important, don’t let that person all alone. There are studies working on panic attacks and they can be solved with the help of a good psychologist.

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