Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is considered a derivative of anxious personality disorder and it consist in repeated panic attacks. This means the person experiencing panic attacks will also have lots of changes in the behavior. Some people confuse panic disorders with agoraphobia but they are two different things. The first one can occur in lots of situations, when getting in the subway, when driving, when being at home, before exams and agoraphobia means the fear of open and public spaces. Panic attacks can happen in the same time with different fears but not necessary agoraphobia.


Panic Attack Treatment Sad GirlThere are lots of studies for panic disorders and there are lots of things that cause it and there are also lots of theories. In the same time, it may occur because of chemical balance and hormone balance in the body but in a biggest percent, panic attacks appears because of the wrong perception of environment. Panic disorders are pretty annoying but they can be easily treated. The person in cause will need the help of specialists and we are lucky there are lots of them interested in curing panic disorders. In time, if not cured panic disorders are very dangerous because they can cause death and lots of people committed suicide or they started suffering of different psychiatric problems. Panic attacks are more encountered to men rather than women. Treatments are definitely needed and in more than 90 % of the cases, the results were great. There are signs and lots of symptoms for panic attacks. They last usually around 10 minutes and appear unexpected. People suffering of panic disorders will experience fast hear beating, short breath, trembling, shaking, dizziness and of course fear at its highest peak. Some people will also experience nausea, dry mouth, sweating, chocking sensation, pain, loss of vision and so on. Panic disorders are also characterized by situations when the people in cause will want to run away, to escape from the situation instead of facing in, it is the phenomenon called fight or flight, if you cannot face something you will definitely try to escape from it as a method of self defense. The causes for panic disorders are not known very well, just few of them. Alcoholism, bipolar disorders and even genetic predispositions can lead to panic disorders but before a panic disorder will appear there are several panic attacks which if not treated will become worse and worse. Consuming drugs, alcohol, different medicines in the wrong way and being depressed are also factors that can cause panic attacks and then panic disorder. Luckly, there are already lots of treatments for panic disorders and they can all be adapted to different type of bodies, structures and so on. Usually, the treatment will include medicines, sport, a healthy lifestyle and sessions to psychologists. It is amazing how the food influences our mood and emotions, foods contains hormones and lots of enzymes that can modify our mood. We have all experienced feelings we didn’t know where they came from.

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  1. Rosella Rossell says:

    I was very pleased with the information I got from your article. It is comforting knowing I am not the only one who suffers from this.

  2. Napoleon Follman says:

    I need to declare I’m impressed. Very seldom do I encounter a weblog that is both educative and entertaining. Just want to tell you that you have most definitely hit the nail on the head. Your idea is fantastic. Kudos is all I can say .

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